Simple Guide: 
How To Invest In CryptoCurrency?

#1 Get A Crypto Wallet

1. This is the world's most popular Bitcoin Wallet, yes only for Bitcoin & newly added Ethereum serving 140+ countries worldwide, so no fuss!!

2. The Second one is my personal Favourite, its call Exodus and here is the link there is 8 cryptocurrency wallet available now and counting. Also go checked on their latest wallet development "EDEN"

#2 Sign Up 

1. EOBOT - Free Faucet daily!

2. Free Bitcoin 

3. Free Dogecoin

4. Free Ripple

#3 Start Cloud Mining

1. HashFlare

2. Hashing24

3. CryptoMiningFarm 2.0 - Free 50GHS!

4. WormMiner - Free 900 Satoshi Daily!

That's it...

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